Educational Business Scholarship

Business Navigators established this scholarship for newly enrolled undergraduates. Applicants should demonstrate leadership ability, exhibit commitment to the principles of servant leadership, and be among the first generation of their immediate family to attend college.

It is the intent of Business Navigators that these scholarships, valued at approximately $2,000.00 per semester, provide a steady source of funds for the recipient’s entire undergraduate career (not to exceed four years). In this spirit, awards will be given to the same student each year until their graduation, contingent on their continued commitment to Servant Leadership in their lives and careers.

As an organization based on a principal of ‘Servant Leadership’, Business Navigators would like to share experiences, skills, and relationships with scholarship recipients. Recipients will become honorary members of the organization during the duration of their scholarship, and will benefit from career and personal mentoring by the members of the organization.

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About Business Navigators Scholarship

Individuals concerned with corporate social responsibility believe that corporations should always consider the impact of the company’s actions on all of the firm’s stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders, local citizens and the environment. This obligation extends beyond any statutory requirements, i.e. organizations should proactively and continually seek new ways to improve the quality of life for employees and their families as well as for the local community and society at large. (REFERENCE)

Successful leadership of such organizations often requires a servant leader, an executive or manager who serves others before themselves. Robert Greenleaf, founder of the Center for Servant Leadership developed these ideas starting in 1958. His most important work, Servant Leadership (1977/2002), is subtitled A Journey into the Nature of Legitimate Power & Greatness. Business Navigators is an organization of business leaders devoted to Greenleaf’s principle of “Servant Leadership”. The organization shares experiences, skills, and relationships to help each other and their communities without expecting anything in return.  (REFERENCE)

Award Requirements

In addition to being among the first generation of their immediate family to seek a college degree, as part of the scholarship application applicants must provide the following documents:

  • Two letters of recommendation from high school teachers and/or counselors
  • A 750 word essay explaining why the applicant believes that servant leadership is an effective management tool and how they have behaved as a servant to others in their lives.
  • A list of the books that they have read on the subject of Servant Leadership.
  • A Letter of recommendation from a representative of a community service organization as to why and how the student has behaved as a servant leader

Once selected, in order to maintain the scholarship, student recipients must:

  • Stay on track to obtain an undergraduate degree within four academic years,
  • Maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0, and
  • Submit a written report to Business Navigators by July 15th each academic year, demonstrating to Business Navigators satisfaction, their continuing commitment to the philosophy of servant leadership.

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