M&A Forum Mission

The Mission of the M&A Forum is to provide advice and counsel to members and guests who are in the process of selling or buying a business. In addition, we provide a place to match buyers and sellers through the trusted relationships developed within the M&A Forum and Business Navigators.

The meetings are restricted to Navigators, Buyers/Investors and Sellers/Companies looking for Investors.



To help Business Buyers & Sellers find each other and more effectively make good deals. Initially designed as a venue for business buyers and possible sellers to meet, the M&A Forum has added experts in the many varied ancillary services required to bring the deal from conception to completion: Just to name a few:

  • Buyers and Sellers
  • Private equity and other investor organizations
  • M&A intermediaries (both buy and sell side)
  • Bankers and other lenders
  • Business and equipment valuators
  • M&A attorneys, accountants and tax advisors
  • Personnel companies • organizational consultants
  • Business transition and integration experts
  • Specialty service providers to principals
  • Wealth management and financial planning

Forum participants do not “network” in the sense of solicitations for business from each other, but depend on the experience of trusted professionals and their circle of influence. The concept of “servant leadership” offers diverse resources in the M&A process that are not available in other organizations.

Regular attendees learn from and contribute to the collective experience and wisdom of the group. By the end of the meeting, you will know everyone in the room. Each meeting has a speaker or panel discussion on selected topics of interest regarding M&A.  Corporate, equity, and individual buyers are still the main focus and beneficiaries of the efforts of the group. Participants are asked to assist the buyers in developing acquisition strategies, finding targets, and offering guidance to negotiate, fund, transfer, and integrating the company. The personal guidance and disclosure of confidential information is done outside the M&A Forum meeting with the proper safeguards in place. As a service, intermediaries that represent sellers, the M&A Forum offers these buyers a consolidated list of businesses that are available for sale on the market.

M&A Forum meetings are held on a monthly basis, typically at the same location and time.


If you are interested in more information regarding the M&A Forum, contact [email protected]