1. Newsletter Introduction to Members – A brief bio and your photo will be included in our newsletter welcoming you to our Membership. We attempt to keep the bio to 140 words or less, and we will pull the information from your application and LinkedIn profile unless you have a brief Media Kit and can send that to us promptly. Similarly, we will use your LinkedIn photo unless you prefer another.  If so, please send this right away to us at [email protected].


  1. Communications and Events – Within the next couple of weeks, you will be added to our Members’ Distribution List so you will be notified of activities and events throughout the year.  Please get in the habit of reading our monthly e-newsletter as it contains important announcements and information about upcoming events.


  1. Membership Portal – We will send you an invitation to our private LinkedIn Group, which is another way of staying apprised of activities. Additionally, it serves as our member portal and vehicle for easily communicating with other members of Business Navigators. LinkedIn requires that we first “connect” individually before we can send you an invite to this private group, so firstly, please watch for a connection request from Beth Denton, current Membership Chair.


  1. Member Partner (“MP”) – You will be assigned a Member Partner who will help you as you learn more about Business Navigators. Your MP will commit to you for 90 days to help you determine where you can benefit and gain the most value from your membership, introduce you to other members, and let you know about activities that may interest you. Please be patient with us as we make these arrangements.  Prior to this assignment, do not hesitate to reach out to any member and/or to our Membership Chair at [email protected]


  1. Emerging Leaders – For those age 40 or under, we offer a dues program that we call “Emerging Leaders.” If this option is chosen by a qualifying new member, the first-year dues are discounted to $185 and a commitment to immediately volunteer in specific areas.  While we strongly encourage active participation by all our members, this program allows such up-and-coming leaders to serve as an “Ambassador,” a more specific and structured way and to become an active participant. Some of the ways this can be accomplished include:
    • Meeting Prep: Enhance meeting experience by arriving early to meetings to help set up nametags and greet attendees
    • Stewardship: Stay after meetings to help gather and organize paperwork
    • Buzz: Assist with Social Media
    • Digital Experience: Support website updates and enhancements
    • Fun Photos – Take photos at meetings/events.


We encourage you to tune in and watch for our monthly newsletters and event reminders, both of which include registration links for upcoming events.  Also, please participate in our social media fun on LinkedIn, Twitter (in the works), and  Facebook.