Hello, Business Leader

Looking for your peers?  How about a group where you can learn, spend your time effectively and meet like-minded leaders, not just people that want to sell you something?

Build Relationships

Learn from Experts

Give Back


Speakers just want to sell you something.

The group just wants to complain about what’s wrong.

Anyone can be a member. They all want something from me.

The group has NO special programs that interest me.


Business Navigators is an organization of like-minded business leaders with just one goal in mind – figure out what we can do as individuals and as an organization to help our peers and our community. We call this principle of giving Servant Leadership.

So if you’re ready to go beyond thinking, “What’s in it for me?” to asking, “How can I help?” then Business Navigators is for you.

  • Develop trusted relationships based on personal integrity and candor
  • Hear nationally renowned speakers
  • Get the latest community updates from business and civic leaders
  • Share your knowledge with others
  • Identify ways to support your community

Here is What We Do

Impact Breakfasts

Wake up to making a difference! We equip servant leaders to make an impact in their work, their community and the world. Our monthly Impact Breakfasts feature the area’s most in-demand speakers and the opportunity to mingle with other Business Navigators

Navigating for Business Success

An unparalleled opportunity to present your business challenges to a panel of accomplished Business Navigators in a confidential setting

Directors Group

A vetted group of accomplished executives who serve on public, private and nonprofit boards of directors

M&A Forum

An information-rich setting in which buyers and sellers come together to expand their networks, increase their knowledge and explore mutually beneficial opportunities

Executives in Transition

Providing job search support and resources for executives (Director level and above) who are in transition

Hear It From Our Members

We asked our members what changed for the better since joining Business Navigators? Here’s what they had to say.

How do you get started?

Step One

Connect With Us

Fill out our contact form and join us for an upcoming event. See for yourself what we do.

Step Two

Get to Know Us

Attend up to three events (monthly meetings, groups, or happy hours.)

If interested, apply to Be a Member.

Step Three

Become a Servant Leader

Our team will introduce you to like-minded leaders and the chairs of our groups you might want to join.

You will be introduced at the next monthly meeting.