Business Navigators is looking for candidates for membership who have demonstrated:

  • Evidence of Business Leadership
  • A Commitment to Servant Leadership and
  • Be Committed to Fostering Trusted Relationships

The Candidate has achieved success in their chosen field evidenced through Business Leadership in one or more of the following:

  • Experience as a business leader serving a viable business enterprise.
  • Experience providing strategic guidance to business leaders.
  • An educational leader in a business-related field.
  • Demonstrates leadership qualities and has a leadership role within their organization.

Commitment to Servant Leadership

The Candidate:

  • Understands the concept of servant leadership;
  • Practices servant leadership both as a member of this organization and in his/her dealings with the community at large; and
  • Commits to Servant leadership as a member of, and ambassador for, this organization

Trusted Relationship

  • Existing Member must be willing and eager to sponsor the candidate for membership.
  • Evidence of the length and strength of the relationship to be provided by the sponsor.
  • Membership review committee to evaluate candidate with input from the sponsor.
  • Interviews will be conducted as part of the evaluation of the candidate as needed to determine eligibility

Membership Application

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Hear It From Our Members

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